Poultry Products

Poultry Products

For a healthy, productive flock, a balanced, nutritious diet is necessary to encourage birds to fully express their genetic potential. Kent poultry products provide the balanced, quality nutrition your birds need to thrive.

All Home Fresh® products are made of premium ingredients, providing sound nutrition in every bag. We offer you and your animals a complete line of products to meet their nutritional needs at every life stage. Whether you’re raising poultry for fresh eggs or nutritious meat, for profit, for competition, or just for fun, the foundation for success is your reliable, responsible care and first-quality nutrition.

Enhance their well-being and take comfort in knowing that what you are feeding is from our family to your family.

Home Fresh Extra Egg Layer

Home Fresh Extra Egg Layer is a high-energy, calcium-fortified grain diet formulated specifically to support egg production in layers. As a complete, balanced diet, no additional nutrient supplementation is required. A natural choice for egg-producing hens. Formulated to maximize egg production for laying chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and game birds.

Feeding Recommendations
Home Fresh Extra Egg is designed to be fed as the sole diet to:

  • laying hens
  • turkeys
  • ducks
  • game birds
  • geese

For additional feeding recommendations consult your local KNG Representative.

The suggested feeding program is intended solely as a guide. The variables of management, environment, and breed may dictate changes in the birds’ requirements.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, min


Lysine, min


Methionine, min


Crude Fat, min


Crude Fiber, max


Calcium (Ca), min


Calcium (Ca), max


Phosphorus (P), min


Salt (NaCl), min


Salt (NaCl), max


Vitamin A, min

,275 IU/lb

Vitamin E, min

21 IU/lb