Rabbit Products

Our premium feeds provide your rabbits with all the essential nutrients necessary for growth, maintenance, and reproduction. Whether you are raising rabbits for show, fun, or meat; and especially if you are a first-time rabbit owner, you can take comfort in knowing your rabbits will grow healthy and strong on our very palatable, high-quality rabbit feeds.

Top Show® Rabbit Rations

Kent Top Show Rabbit Rations are complete rabbit diets designed to maintain overall health, optimum fur quality, and body conformation. Kent Top Show Rabbit Rations are available in two formulations:

  • Top Show Professional is a complete, 16% protein diet to be fed as the sole ration to performance or show rabbits.
  • Top Show Family is a complete, 17% protein diet for lactating does, a starter diet for growing bunnies, or a maintenance diet for mature larger rabbit breeds.

Top Show Professional

Top Show Professional is a complete diet specifically designed to be fed to the show rabbit and the rabbit requiring a maintenance diet. It is scientifically formulated for the show rabbit in that it permits expression of maximum hair quality and body conformation. This product may also be fed as a maintenance diet when offered in limited amounts but through frequent feedings.